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Mentoring Executives

On the Pitch.

On the Point.

Mentoring Executives

On the Pitch. On the Point.

Today's business world, shaped by constant transformation, requires the ability to focus on the target without any distractions. Target Mentoring helps executives to keep focus, to reduce complexity, and to simply be on point.

Do things right and do the right things

In today's complex markets and fast-moving times, organizations need leaders with good business vibes and a feeling for which services and products will be needed in the future. Leaders who can manage and inspire the people who help to make this future reality. Leaders who will stay true to personal values and to the company's values and goals. We believe, that such leaders can be created through mentoring. 

We combine sports, Leadership & Business

Target Mentoring was founded by Guido Happe and Maheta Molango to develop sustainable impact leaders.

Guido Happe is founder and managing director of Board Partners, an executive search firm with 7 offices worldwide and founder of the International Board Academy, a Management Institute for supervisory boards, advisory boards and top executives with locations in Germany, South Africa, Dubai and Turkey. He holds several non executive board and advisory board roles in mid- and large-sized companies, invests in young companies and runs together with friends a successful Gin Distillery. Through his different executive roles, operating domestically and internationally, Guido shares real-life experiences, knows how to ask the right questions, and points out blind spots. His expertise includes leadership, leadership composition and dynamics, HR, and strategy. Since executives are often faced with the ‘decision before experience’ who have to be able to handle both, complex present and future challenges, Guido can show executives how to do the right things and to do things right.

Maheta Molango, former professional soccer player (Atlético Madrid, Brighton&Hove Albion, Wacker Burghausen), is Co-Director of the FIFA Academy Programme, Adjunct Professor for Business & Sports Management, successful lawyer, and Of Counsel at Baker McKenzie in Madrid. During his time as the former CEO of the LaLiga professional soccer club Real Mallorca, the team managed to move up from the third Spanish league to the Primera División within three seasons. Maheta has experienced and accompanied excellent leadership and cultural change, resulting in the professionalism and thereby the success of the soccer club. Maheta’s expertise includes expectation management as well as long-term planning with long-term goals and consistent power. Success can only be planned to a limited extent. Therefore, a pragmatic and goal-oriented management style is required.

Together, they combine sports, leadership, and business, to help executives and teams make an impact on their organization and master complex situation with the ability to focus on the right things.

Who is it For

Senior Managing Directors/CXO`s

New Leadership
First-Time Managing Directors
Challenges in Transforming/ Distressed/ Growth/ Organisational Situations

Why Executive Mentoring

In a world of complexity, it is essential to develop a leadership style with a view on opportunities and inspiration. We help your leadership teams to grow by raising the standard of the common. Together we create a better tomorrow for your business by balancing what is desired and what is feasible. In our opinion, skills needed to manage complex ecosystems include focus, meaning, inspiration, creativity, networking, and qualified braveness. We help you master those skills by

  • Recognizing, creating, using, and connecting coincidences
  • Using change of perspective & question techniques as management tools
  • Avoiding surprises
  • Creating the 'We'
  • Enabling Value

Leaders are made
-Our Services-

One-on-One Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring sessions fully enable today's and tomorrow's leaders to perform at their best. Leaders work with our experienced mentors on targeted goals, challenges, strengths, and development areas. Mentoring sessions are possible in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Video Mentoring

Our executive mentoring sessions accessible anywhere – get great insights and mentoring through video conferences with our executive mentors. Establish a powerful and trusting partnership with your mentor, with lots of room to reflect and to gain different perspectives on leadership.

& Trainings

Our resultshops in Mallorca, Munich or in-house at your company offer top executive trainings for individuals or small groups of managing directors, executives and (future) first-time managing directors. Get know-how tailored to the specific needs of your company.

Impulse Talks & Panel Discussions

Inspirational, high-impact impulse talks and panel discussions from our executive mentors to provide greater insights on managing key business challenges in terms of leadership, perspectives, organisation, and business reflection.